Lincoln Alumni Reunion Held

Dan Goodson Jr. greeted the reunion attendees as they arrived, chatting and exchanging laughes.

Lincoln was known for its band, basketball, choir and cheerleaders. “Oh that band could get down, the majorettes could step,” said Larry Madden, VP of Lincoln Alumni Association.

Old friends were so happy to see one another, catching up, and taking pictures to document the occasion.

Photo collages lined the two sides of the community center space, taking attendees on a walk down memory lane.

The first day of the 2015 Lincoln School Reunion was held at the Altus Community Center where attendees gathered to share a meal, conversation and a fashion show later that evening.

Lincoln School was the former “Black” school in Altus before being integrated with Altus High School. Lincoln was a 12 grade school on the west edge of town, that was open from 1932 until 1966, when the high school was closed. Grade levels one through eight continued until its closing, in Spring 1968. After the complete demise of the school, some of the graduates got together and had the idea to keep that tradition going. The Lincoln Alumni Association was formed, and began hosting an official Lincoln Reunion every odd year.

This past weekend, June 19 and 20, members from all Lincoln classes got together to reconnect and have a good time during the 2015 Lincoln School Reunion. The reunion started with a picnic, then fashion show, there was a banquet and dance. With the continuing of this tradition the legacy of Lincoln will stay alive.

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