Summer School coming to an end

Ms. Hill and Mr. Johnson led the students and parents in a computer math game, showing how technology was used to facilitate learning, makign it fun.

Mrs. McCuistion and Mrs. Prough’s fifth graders had fun simulating a tornado. After several tries, and laughs, the students finally figured it out.

Ms. Allen and Ms. Bell’s second graders had fun going outside to try out the kites they made and show them off for their family. The second grade class also had Mrs. Plata as an aide.

Mrs. Herring and Aide Mrs. Sampler, taught the fourth grade summer schoolers and used “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” in a science discussion.

Some of the students’ work was displayed in the hall for all to see, what they;ve been learning.

Mrs. Leverett and Mrs. Brakebill played a video for the parents and families, and explained how the first graders used robots to learn. In the first grade class there were also two aides, Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Bridges.

Mrs. Nicole Reed, Summer School Director “Our students have been working hard and the adults have been creatively engaging then and challenging them to reach higher,” said Reed.

Parents, family and friends gathered with the students to watch a powerpoint presentation by Mr. Johnson and to hear remarks from Mrs. Reed, before exploring the classrooms.

The Altus Public Schools Summer School program is coming to an end. Parent Day was held Wednesday, June 24, giving an overview of what has been accomplished during the program and give the students an opportunity to present and demonstrate some of their projects to their parents, family and friends. The Summer School program was funded through Title I funds, Reading Sufficiency Act, and Title III ELL funds. Under the leadership of Mrs. Nicole Reed, Summer School Director and also the Director of Title I ELL and Migrant Education of Altus Public Schools, a different classroom approach was taken this year, based on information she and the staff learned from the National Summer Learning Association, available resources and proven best practices.

Some of the things done differently this year included, having more adults in each classroom implementing team teaching and aides, that also allowed for more one on one attention, also an overall nature theme, increased use of technology, as well as individualized instruction based on the student’s individual needs.

“We really focused on technology and hands on learning. The individualized learning programs on the iPads and iPad Minis would only display the content that each individual child needed to work on,” said Reed.

The Summer School Program teacher breakdown is as follows:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Robinson, Ms. McElwee and Aide, Mrs. Hagen

First Grade: Mrs. Leverett, Mrs. Brakebill, and Aides, Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Bridges

Second Grade: Ms. Allen, Ms. Bell, and Aide, Mrs. Plata

Third Grade: Mrs. Robins, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Richeson, and Aides, Ms. Cox and Ms. Green

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Herring and Aide, Mrs. Sampler

Fifth Grade: Mrs. McCuistion and Mrs. Prough

Sixth Grade: Ms. Hill and Mr. Johnson

Along with administrative staff, cafeteria staff and volunteers.

“The summer staff and volunteers are brave and loving people,” said Reed.

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