Lake Altus-Lugert 85 percent full

by Sue Hokanson, - Quartz Mountain Nature Park

The days are flying by and Lake Altus-Lugert is creeping upwards. Can you believe March will be here next Tuesday? Or even more amazing our lake is 85 percent full and the Spring rains haven’t even started yet? Lake Altus-Lugert lacks just shy of 3.3 feet from being full and we haven’t had rain in three weeks!

Last week’s unseasonably warm weather had people ready to start their summer early. When temperatures are in the 80s everyone starts thinking about the lake, camping, hiking and everything else. Of course, with it being only February a lot of Quartz Mountain’s extras were still winterized. All of North Shore (including the Eagle’s Roost ATV Area), most of the bathrooms in the Main Park and the lease concessions (Quartz Mountain Grocery Store & the Putt n Paddle) have yet to open.

The Quartz Mountain Grocery Store kicks off the season on March 1. Depending on weather forecasts, the bathrooms in the Main Park will start being opened – we do not want to open too early and have water lines freeze. About Spring Break, the turkey vultures return to Quartz Mountain. Lakeview campground opens next and finally Cottonwood Campground and Eagle’s Roost ATV area opens April 1.

With so little rain this month, dry/dormant vegetation and high temperatures the Fire Danger has been very high. Please be aware of your surroundings, keeping an eye out for any smoke and/or fire. Report any/all fires to 9-1-1 immediately. A small fire can quickly explode into a blazing inferno, when the wind is blowing + 40 mph.

Until the spring rains wet everything down and green up the dormant vegetation, camping with an extra five-gallon bucket (or two) is a great idea. Fill the bucket with water, before starting your camp fire and leave it ready to use on any stray spark. Hopefully, you never have to use it on sparks and it will be handy for drowning your fire when you are ready to leave your campsite.

by Sue Hokanson,

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Reach Sue Hokanson at

Reach Sue Hokanson at

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