It must be Spring

By Sue Hokanson, - Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Is it Spring, Winter or Summer? Temperatures have been all over the thermometer, so it is hard to tell which season we’re really in. It must be Spring as Red Cedar pollen has many folks suffering with allergies. Elm trees and Bradford Pears are also lowering.

It must be Spring, as early wildflowers have started blooming. Forsythia bushes have been covered in bright yellow flowers. Many lawns are covered with purple flowers that could be one of three species- Ground Ivy, Henbit or Purple Dead Nettles. Most people consider all three to be weeds and if they are growing where you rather they not-then they are weeds.

It must be Spring, as the songbirds are really singing their hearts out. The male songbirds are also acquiring “courting’ plumage” to aid in attracting (and keeping) mates. Raptors (birds of prey such as owls, eagles and hawks) have young hatching out when there are plenty of prey (squirrels, rabbits, etc.) young to feed the growing owlets and hawks.

With all these signs of Spring, it can’t be long before students (and teachers) get a well earned “Spring Break!” If the weather stays warm, we at Quartz Mountain will be opening up the Main Park restrooms and preparing to open North Shore Campgrounds. Should a prolonged cold spell be forecast, we will have to delay turning water on. We certainly do not want to freeze pipes or commodes!

Also with all these signs of Spring, comes a reminder: Please keep your pets on a leash while at Quartz Mountain. There are so many interesting smells, sights and critters, which even the most well behaved dog, may start to chase a rabbit that they flush. Depending on how far the chase goes, your family pet might be quite lost. Save everyone stress and heartache by keeping your dog on a leash while visiting Quartz Mountain.

By Sue Hokanson,

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Reach Sue Hokanson at

Reach Sue Hokanson at

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