Lake busy during Spring Break

Fishermen report Walleyes are biting

by Sue Hokanson, - Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Spring Break is under way and for many this is the start of the camping and “all things outdoor” season. We’ve really had a pretty mild winter (once we thawed out from the Christmas ice storm) but it is wonderful to see all the redbuds and sandplums in full bloom. When these two species bloom people start returning to the park.

The weather was not the best – dark skies and ominous clouds hung around for the better part of both Saturday and Sunday. When the sun broke out people came out! Quartz Mountain had a nice busy weekend. People were strolling the paved pedestrian trail, hikers were all over the mountain and the golf course was humming.

With Lake Altus-Lugert well over 85 percent full, there is not a lot of sandy beach exposed. A larger/fuller lake has more water and that takes longer to heat up, but there were some brave swimmers seen in the water.

People are asking “Are the fish biting?” We are rather limited in accurate information as few people take the time to report to the grocery store their fishing success. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation did some fish population surveys earlier in March. The good news is they had fish in every survey basket – good sized fish (14 to 21 inches long) Walleyes. The not so great news is every fish they captured was a walleye – nothing but walleyes.

Luckily walleyes are considered to be very tasty and a sporting experience. They spawn when water temperatures reach 45 to 50 usually in early March. Spawning often occurs along sandbars or in rocky areas – frequently along the riprap of the dikes creating Lake Altus-Lugert. Walleyes tend to feed at night and under overcast/low light conditions.

Fishermen report Walleyes are biting

by Sue Hokanson,

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Reach Sue Hokanson at

Reach Sue Hokanson at

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