Fireworks, diving prohibited at lake

June is gone? Already? Wasn’t it JUST Memorial Day?

Yes, June has sped by and July, with the Independence Day Holiday, is now upon us.

This is a very busy holiday for all parks, Quartz Mountain included. Please allow extra time to get from here to there. Many kids are so busy having fun, that they forget to watch the park roads for traffic. Additionally the fawns are really starting to trail along with the does. They have no clue about cars/ roads. Slow way down when you see fawns but please do not come to a complete stop. If you slow down to a crawl, please turn on your emergency flashers.

Lake Altus-Lugert is really full for the first time in many years – over 100% full. Boat ramps and campgrounds will be very full. There are three functional boat ramps: Main, Hicks Mountain and a very small boat ramp near the Beach haven community. The Lakeview boat ramp needs lots of work so it is not functional. Please have patience and courtesy with other Boat Ramp/Lake users.

With the lake so high, “beach” is at a premium. Most of the swim beach is well under water. Even so, swimming off any boat ramp or the fishing dock is prohibited. So too is diving off the rocks near the fishing dock / boat ramp area. Serious injury, including paralyzing or death are possibilities when diving from these rocks.

Alcohol, glass bottles (of any kind) and pets are prohibited on the swim beaches. Actually glass bottles are prohibited along the entire shoreline- designated swim beach or not. Pets on a leash may be on the shoreline, except for the two designated swim beaches. The same is true for watercraft- you can pull up to the shore, except in the designated swim beach areas.

We are not in a Burn Ban this Holiday weekend, so campfires are permitted. Still, please use caution with your campfire. Should the wind start rising, be extra vigilant about sparks & embers. Have water near-by to extinguish any flames that escape. Please put your fire OUT, if it will be unattended for any length of time.

Fireworks are prohibited on all Quartz Mountain properties-beach, campground, golf course, group camp and lodge. Please leave your fireworks at home. The loud noises really scare the wildlife and disturb others.

We at Quartz Mountain wish everyone to have a Safe & Happy Independence Holiday weekend!

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