School system taking tax commission to court

Altus Public Schools to join Sand Springs in litigation against the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

The Altus Board of Education met Tuesday evening in a special board meeting.

The board authorized Superintendent Roger Hill to enter into a contract for legal services with the firm of Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison and Lewis to represent the district in litigation against the Oklahoma Tax Commission to obtain a corrected distribution of motor vehicle license revenues together with Sand Springs Public Schools and all other districts that may join as plaintiffs.

Furthermore, the board authorized the expenditure of an amount not to exceed $9,377 to the Sand Springs Public Schools as payments for its pro rata share of the expenses for outside counsel, costs and fees associated with the litigation.

Through March 2016, Altus Public Schools has lost $187,545 in motor vehicle tax revenue compared to the same time period in Fiscal Year 2015.

In 2015, the state legislature enacted HB2244 capping the amount of motor vehicle tax revenue apportioned to schools not to exceed the total amount apportioned for Fiscal Year 2015 with any excess revenues to be deposited to the General Revenue Fund.

Many school districts have lost substantial funding due to the way the Oklahoma Tax Commission has applied HB2244 in the distribution of revenue to school districts.

“In my opinion, Altus Public Schools has not received the funds that we are entitled to receive. I believe we should let the court make a determination on this issue,” Superintendent Roger Hill said.

Special to the Altus Times

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