Shooting with intent to kill charged

Police: Accused believed to be gang member, sought in connection with other cases

By Mary O. Esparza -


Charles Leslie Shaw III, 22, has been charged with intentionally and wrongfully shooting victim, Brenda Lee Ortiz , age 23 0f Altus.

According to the affidavit, Sunday May 29, the Altus Police Department detective division was called to 1305 Springfield Drive for a drive-by shooting.

Upon arrival, the detective was briefed by APD patrol that the witnesses said a white car had driven into the parking lot area of the 1305 Springfield Drive building and a black male occupant fired two to three shots striking the victim. The victim was struck in the stomach area, and transported to Jackson County Memorial Hospital where she has was then medically evacuated to Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

A preliminary walk-through of the crime scene was conducted and the detective found three spent projectiles. Two of the projectiles were located in the eastern most breezeway of of the building, one projectile came to rest at the base of the apartment No. 2 door, and the second was just a few feet from the door of apartment No. 1. The third projectile was in the middle of the parking area of the 1305 Springfield Drive building.

The detective also observed about five separate blood droplets, that led from the middle of the eastern most breezeway of the 1306 Springfield Drive building, north to the northern exit of the breezeway. Later, after receiving a written consent to search from the occupant of 1305 Springfield Drive apartment No. 1 , Jose Ruiz, the detective observed what appeared to be a piece of baby clothing which had been used to aid the victim and had a large amount of blood transfer on it.

The blood droplets were items of evidence and later photographed by the detective, who also collected the piece of baby clothing from the apartment. He used sterile swabs and sterile saline solution to collect each swab. After each swab was collected, he placed each one individually into small cardboard evidence boxes labeled one to five, as to not cross-contaminate the samples. After collecting all the physical evidence, the detective advised the sergeant that the crime scene could be released.

The detective returned to the APD where he saw another detective interviewing a witness to the shooting. The witness stated, while sitting in the downstairs breezeway of the 1301 building, which is also east of the 1305 Springfield Drive building, the witness saw a white, four-door car with tinted windows drive into the area and a black male exit from the front passenger door pointing a firearm towards the 1305 Springfield Drive building and then seconds later heard two to three gunshots and then saw the black male run back to the white car, get inside the front passenger door and then leave the area.

The witness said that the firearm was black and that the vehicle had silver duct tape covering the license plate. The witness also stated that the black male subject had short, almost shaved hair, a black T-shirt and long shorts. The witness wasn’t able to name the subject, but said that the subject used to live in the upstairs apartment in the 1301 Springfield Drive building, where the witness had been sitting during the shooting.

Original responding officers were told by witnesses that are reluctant to come forward, and the fact the detective knows that Charles L. Shaw III previously resided in the upstairs apartment with his mother Benita Lenard, in the 1301 Springfield Drive building. The detective also was aware that Shaw was a member of the Killer Insane Bloods or KIB street gang in Altus. The detective also knows Shaw to be either the suspect or victim in numerous shootings in Altus. At that time the detective believed Charles L. Shaw III to be the suspect of this shooting.

A photo lineup was done by an APD dispatcher shuffling six photos in six folders. The witness picked Charles L. Shaw III as the person seen exiting the white car door and pointing the black gun at 1305 Springfield Drive building.

Later that night, a detective made a traffic stop on a car that was occupied by Shaw. He then transported Shaw to the Altus Police Department. In an attempt to preserve important forensic evidence, the detective conducted a GSR (gun shot residue test) kit on Shaw. He was read his “Miranda warning and waiver of rights” from the standard form provided by the APD. He signed the form understanding his rights. Shaw was then questioned, cited and arrested for shooting with intent to kill.

Shaw appeared before Special District Judge Brad Leverett 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning in Jackson County. Leverett informed Shaw that the offense was very serious and also referred to the information in the affidavit mentioning gang involvement and being a suspect in other shootings.

The court set his bond at $250,000, and next court date for 9:30 a.m. July 13.

Police: Accused believed to be gang member, sought in connection with other cases

By Mary O. Esparza

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1277 ext. 2077.

Reach Mary O. Esparza at 580-482-1277 ext. 2077.

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