Altus Police department incidents for June 3-6

Verbal threats, 505 Peacock St.

Reckless driving, Broadway and Main streets.

Suspicious subject, 304 Valverde St.

Residential alarm, 1135 Frisco St.

Vehicle ran off US 283.

Verbal threats, 801 Kathy St.

Accident with no injury, South Main Street and Old Mill Road.

Residential alarm, 120 East “D” St.

Property damage, 406 N. Jackson St.

Warrant, 920 E. Sutherland St.

Verbal threats, 309 Howse St.

Property damage, 1201 N. Hudson St.

Stolen vehicle, 412 Pheasant Circle Drive.

Residential alarm, 800 Hazel St.

Larceny shoplifting, 2500 N. Main St.

Accident with no injury, Denise and Navajo streets.

Fight, Altus City Park.

Hit and run, 2700 N. Main St.

Fire, 809 E. Commerce St.

Disturbing the peace, 1613 E. Broadway St.

Warrant, 1613 E. Broadway St.

Domestic disturbance, 928 E. Cypress St.

Warrant, 901 East Walnut St.

Suspicious subject, 1320 N. Blain St.

Disturbing the peace, 421 E. Tamarack Rd.

Accident, near Oklahoma State Reformatory.

Domestic disturbance, 1209 Victory St.

Accident with no injury, 721 N. Main St.

Accident with injury, 2500 N. Main St.

Runaway, 3501 N. Main St.

Property damage, 300 E. Walnut St.

Fight, 1119 N. Main St.

Residential alarm, 1400 N. Crain St.

Hit and Run, 2500 N. Main St., row 6.

Disturbing the peace, Loyadell or Katy streets.

Fire, one mile north of town on Martha Street.

Possible threats , 505 N. Grady St.

Animal cruelty (puppy locked in car), 2500 N. Main St.

Civil dispute, 137 Cameron Dr.

Property found, 517 N. Grady St.

Domestic disturbance, 1101 Union Circle Apt. #13.

Burglary, 211 N. Willard St.

Business alarm, 1805 W. Broadway St.

Domestic disturbance, 510 N. Grady St.

Property damage, 1400 E. Oakhurst St.

Disturbing the peace, Enterprise apartments.

Runaway, 1101 East “C” St.

Remove subject, 1101 Union Circle Apt. #13.

Violation of protective order (Timothy Ray Jones), 1300 Karen Drive.

Animal wild (snake in garage), 601 Taft St.

Larceny, 421 N. Main St.

Disturbing the peace, 400 block of Walnut Sreet.

Remove subject, 1101 Union Circle, Apt. #13.

Accident with injury, Park Lane and Broadway St.

Business alarm, 100 N. Forrest St.

Animal wild (snake in shed), 1805 Hollywood Drive.

Property damage, 509 S. Main St.

Property damage, 1129 N. Lee St.

Burglary, 221 N. Jackson St.

Warrant, 511 W. Liveoak St.

Business alarm (Little School learning center), 1200 S. Main St.

Burglary, 313 N. Julian St.

Property found, 400 Libra St.

Reckless driving, southbound on Main Street.

Fraud, 509 S. Main St.

Reckless driving, 509 S. Main St.

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