Altus Police Incident Report for June 10-13

(From Altus police radio log)

Domestic disturbance , 700 E. Broadway St.

Disturbing the peace, 1340 Victory St.

Verbal threats, report to police.

Business alarm, 300 E. Cypress St.

Residential alarm, 421 Villa de Sol St.

Fraud, 1108 Loyadell St.

Assault and battery, report to police.

Fraud, report to police.

Stolen work truck, report to police.

Property damage, 1112 Hickory St.

Domestic disturbance, 518 E. Cypress St.

Civil dispute about child custody, report to police.

Accident with no injury, Main and Falcon Road.

Reckless driving, S. Main Street and US 283.

Fire, 204 Buena Vista Loop.

Disturbance, Walgreen’s parking lot.

Domestic disturbance, 1100 S. Kennedy St.

Domestic disturbance, 912 E. Pecan St.

Harassment, 912 E. Pecan St.

Check suspects throwing loud party, 514 N. Jackson St.

Disturbing the peace, 804 E. Walnut St.

Reckless driving, 2100 block of E. Broadway St.

Fight, 512 N. Jackson St.

Disturbing the peace, 500 S. Julian St.

Domestic disturbance, 1815 Hollywood Drive

Warrant, 909 N. Lee St.

Domestic disturbance, 318 1/2 S. Jackson St.

Larceny shoplifting, 1420 N. Main St.

Suspicious subject, Sunset trailer park.

Business alarm, 1721 W. Broadway St.

Business alarm, 1830 Sunset St.

Larceny (stolen wallet), 1309 West Davis St.

Warrant, 1101 Union Circle 3.

Residential alarm, 1831 N. Main St.

Unknown trouble possible fight , Missile Park field.

Business alarm, 1104 N. Spurgeon St.

Residential alarm, 520 N. Julian St.

Violation of a protective order, report to police.

Neighbor dispute follow up, 521 N. Spurgeon St.

Disturbance, Hightower and Walnut streets.

Intoxicated driver, Carrie and Burns streets.

Domestic disturbance, 501 Horizon St.

Property lost, report to police.

Neighbor dispute, 521 N. Libra St.

Accident with no injury, Falcon Road and Polk Street.

Burglary, 716 Chris St.

Larceny, 519 N. Hightower St.

Harassment, 1020 York St.

Fire, 411 N. Julian St.

Property damage, 701 Vine St.

Accident with no injury, 2500 N. Main St.

Civil dispute, report to police.

Residential alarm, 612 Cambridge St.

Domestic disturbance, 706 S. Julian St.

Property damage, Altus Air Force Base.

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