Altus Police Department radio logs for June 17-20

Domestic disturbance, 1105 Union Circle Drive.

Disturbing the peace, 908 East Pecan St.

Accident with no injury, 1313 Polk St.

Property damage, 1301 Springfield Drive, Apt. 2.

Stolen property (narcotics missing), English Village Nursing Home.

Accident with no injury, 2500 N. Main St.

Violation of protective order, 509 S. Main St..

Stolen property, 220 West Broadway St.

Business alarm, 3000 N. Main St.

Domestic disturbance, 408 E. Walnut St.

Business alarm, 117 Falcon Road.

Domestic disturbance, 1913 Canary St.

Stolen property, 705 E. Cypress St. Apt. B.

Assault and battery, 509 S. Main St.

Domestic disturbance, 1019 N. Jackson St.

Disturbing the peace, 400 block of Hightower Street.

Disturbance, 1301 Springfield Drive, Apt. 2.

Violation of protective order, 1321 Andy St.

Removal of subject, 601 East Cypress St.

Runaway, 604 East Pecan St.

Business alarm, 1120 N. Main St.

Residential alarm, 920 East Cypress St.

Removal of subject, 700 East Broadway St.

Disturbing the peace, 1001 Phoebe St.

Property damage, 2300 Apache Pass Drive

Remove subject, 1004 E. Walnut St.

Property damage, 400 E. Walnut St.

Illegal fireworks, Sunset trailer park.

Fight, 1700 N. Main St.

Illegal fireworks, Foxtail Circle.

Domestic disturbance, 3210 N. Main St.

Disturbing the peace, 609 West Hardy St.

Business alarm, 2728 N. Main St.

Larceny shoplifting, 700 E. Broadway St.

Domestic disturbance, 406 N. Jackson St.

Domestic disturbance, Howse and Liveoak streets.

Missing person, 2500 N. Main St.

Accident with no injury, 1501 S. Park Lane.

Neighbor dispute, 214 Katy Drive.

Runaway, 700 East Broadway St.

Verbal threats, 820 N. Main St.

Disturbance, 900 block of N. Willard Street.

Disturbance, 500 block of N. Jackson Street.

Warrants, 1800 N. Main St.

Warrants, 321 S. Jackson St.

Domestic disturbance, 1904 N. Willard St.

Larceny, 1706 E. Broadway St.

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