Amateur radio demonstration set

Special to the Altus Times

Despite the internet, cellphones, email and modern communications, every year whole regions find themselves in the dark.

Tornadoes, fires, storms, ice and even the occasional cutting of fiber optic cables leave people without the means to communicate. In these cases, the one consistent service that has never failed has been amateur radio. These radio operators, often called “hams” provide backup communications for everything from the American Red Cross to Federal Emergency Management Agency and even for the International Space Station. Your town’s “hams” will join with thousands of other amateur radio operators showing their emergency capabilities this weekend.

We have all heard of the many disasters across the USA and the world in the past few months. During disasters, whether natural or manmade, the amateur radio operators have always stepped up to keep communications going. They are the ones who work tirelessly to help coordinate personnel and supplies to where its needed. they are the ones who allow loved ones to talk to each other when there is no other form of communication. They bring help, food and comfort to those in need.

Want to see how this is done, meet the people behind this extraordinary technology and talk to someone halfway across the country? Then join the Altus Area Amateur Radio Association or AAARA this weekend and see what all the excitement is about.

This annual event is called “Field Day” and sponsored by the ARRL, the national association for amateur radio. This year the AAARA will have a station set up four miles east of Blair and 1.25 miles north.

Also learn how to get an amateur radio license.

For more information call 580-471-9204.

Special to the Altus Times

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