Altus Police Department incidents July 22-24

Residential alarm, 421 Villa de Sol.

Stolen property, 1005 N. York St.

Business alarm, Altus High School.

Fight, Mr. Bill’s convenience store (no weapons).

Larceny, report to police.

Warrant, harassment, 617 E. Nona St.

Ambulance service, child swallowed cleaning supplies, 710 Burton St.

Larceny shoplifting, 621 East Broadway St.

Civil dispute, hotel payment, 821 East Broadway St.

Animal welfare, dog in vehicle at WalMart.

Suspicious subject, 1709 N. Crain St.

Domestic disturbance, report to police.

Trespassing, 401 W. Broadway St.

Harassment, soliciting sex with a minor, 1115 N. Crain St.

Disturbing the peace, 500 block of Julian Street.

Business alarm, 303 Falcon Road.

Warrants, 319 S. Jackson St.

Animal Welfare, 1116 N. Crain St.

Burglary, 915 Lee Ora St.

Illegal fireworks , 500 block of Broadway Street.

Emergency order, 14-year old to Southwestern in Lawton, 1200 E. Pecan St.

Fire, Main and Broadway streets.

Intoxicated person, 200 S. Grady St.

Disturbance, verbal, across from the Fortune Cookie Restaurant.

Reckless driving, E. Broadway from Navajo streets.

Larceny, 1700 N. Main St.

Intoxicated person, 510 N. Main St.

Residential alarm , 805 Candace St.

Assault and battery, 2516 E. Broadway St.

Harassment, report to police.

Disturbing the peace, 510 N. Main St.

Business alarm, 820 N. Main St.

Business alarm, 315 S. Main St.

Domestic disturbance, 1411 Scott St.

Assault and battery, 721 N. Martin Luther King St.

Vicious animal, 916 Hazel St.

Burglary, 214 W. B St.

Ambulance service, possible overdose, 208 Oklahoma Ave., Duke.

Family dispute, child custody, 11117 N. Hickory St.

Intoxicated person, Jimbos.

Stolen vehicle, 217 W. Sutherland St.

Animal welfare, dog in vehicle with windows up, 1700 N. Main St.

Domestic disturbance, 901 East Liveoak St. Apt. 11.

Illegal fireworks, 1407 N. Thomas St.

Disturbance, 1400 block of N. Willard St.

Accident with no injury, 922 E. Sutherland St.

Stolen property, 900 N. Lee St.

Residential alarm, 2405 Cherokee Strip St.

Domestic disturbance, 700 E. Broadway St.

Fight, females, 2101 E. Broadway St.

Ambulance service, 1333 N. Thomas St. Apt. 1.

Domestic disturbance, 700 E. Broadway St.

Fight, large group of people, 1800 N. Main St.

Remove subject, 408 Sequoya Lane.

Lost property, First Baptist Church.

Larceny, 1305 W. Davis St.

Fire, Headrick.

Fire, 119 East Katy Drive.

Business alarm, 704 N. Park Ln.

Vicious animal, 1413 Vicksburg Ln.

Violation of protective order, 619 N. Main St.

Warrant, 600 S. Main St.

Female assaulted on base, 1200 E. Pecan St.

Hit and run, 2500 N. Main St.

Man with a gun, 900 block of E. Nona Street.

Domestic disturbance, man with a gun, 1814 N. Oklahoma Drive.

Verbal domestic, 212 NE Main St. in Tipton.

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