Jackson County arrests for Aug. 3

David Castillo, Failure to appear, pay fines, court costs, no insurance, operating a motor vehicle with no driver’s license.

Devon James Cox, Motion to revoke, knowingly concealing stolen property, obtaining merchandise under false pretenses.

Janie Mae Davis, Failure to appear for Rule VIII hearing, obstructing an officer, knowingly concealing stolen property, grand larceny with a value exceeding $500.

Donnie Lorenzo Harris, Direct and indirect contempt of court, failure to comply child support and other orders.

Michelle Isabel Hunter, Intent to cheat and defraud, obtain money or item of a value $500 or more but less than $1,000 by means of deception, false statements, instruments or device called “confidence game,” false or bogus checks or other printed instrument or spurious coin.

Joshua Paul Metzke, Damage to property.

Nicole Maxine Schreiner, Failure to appear, operating a motor vehicle without a driver’s license.

Leslie Ray Stickney, Motion to revoke, lewdly exposes his personal genitals in any public place or where there are others present to be offended.

Bryan Keith Waldroop, Failure to pay child support.

Theresa White, Shoplifting.

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