Altus Police Department incident report for Aug. 3

Intoxicated driver, 421 N. Main St.

Suspicious subject, 510 N. Main St.

Burglary, 1521 N. Hudson St.

Property damage, 2012 Taft St.

Check welfare, 1813 Caribou St.

Burglary, 1103 S. Kennedy St.

Burglary, 1223 Asalee St.

Check welfare, 1401 N. Blain St. Trailer 17.

Check suspicious subject, W. Broadway Street.

Check suspicious subject, 123 W. Commerce St.

Fraud, 509 N. Main St.

Check suspicious subject, 1800 N. Main St.

Harassment, 509 N. Main St.

Reckless driving, West of city.

Domestic disturbance, 621 E. Commerce St.

Accident with no injury, 100 block of N. Park Lane.

Property damage, 311 Falcon Road.

Stolen vehicle, 601 Mill Road.

Larceny shoplifting, 2500 N. Main St.

Business alarm, 101 Sequoya Lane.

Business alarm, 914 N. Main St.

Burglary, 917 Leeora St.

Fire, 601 E. Nona St.

Property damage, 1604 N. Crain St.

Residential alarm, 525 Lakeside Drive.

Check suspicious subject, 404 0r 406 Libra St.

Domestic disturbance, 1047 Elk St.

Verbal threats, 1008 Eula St.

Check suspicious subject, 500 block of Falcon Road.

Domestic disturbance, 1101 N. Thomas St.

Business alarm, 903 West Broadway St.

Warrants, 1501 Scott St.

Warrants, 611 Navajo St.

Warrants, 500 N. Main St.

Warrants, Broadway Street.

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