Vernon appointed to EMS Board of Trustees

Jackson County Commissioners held a regular meeting Monday, July 13, at which time Mary Vernon’s appointment to EMS (emergency medical services) District of Jackson County Board of Trustees, to fill the unexpired term of Lynn Rudd, beginning July 13, 2015 ending June 30, 2016, received approval.

During Monday’s meeting it was decided to award the bid for auctioneer services of County property located at 1503 N. Hudson, Altus, to Arrowhead. Title Sheet of State of Oklahoma, Department of Transportation Plan of Proposed County Road, project number CIRB-133C(905)RB, job number 24970(08), grade, drain, bridge and surfacing plans of Humphrey’s Rd. part two, was also approved.

Officer reports, blanket purchase orders, supplemental appropriation for June 2015, and publication of Commissioners’ proceedings for June 2015, was approved.

Commissioners’ sale by Jackson County Treasurer, Renee Howard on property acquired at resale, ID# 0115-00-078-008-0-003-00, for $50 and property ID# 0235-00-003-000-0-004-00, for $400, both by original bidders, were approved.

The action taken on all risk physical damage insurance for equipment and road machinery leased through Oklahoma Department of Transportation County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fun, was to submit an insurance acknowledgement letter.

Resolution number 2015-42, lease renewal of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation County Road Machinery and Equipment revolving fund for road construction, effective July 1, 2015, ending June 30, 2016, was granted approval.

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