The difference betweeninjury and no injury isoccupant seat belt use

Tips from a Trooper - Shane Newell

This is Trooper Shane Newell with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

I’ve been with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for a little over a year now. In this short time I’ve investigated multiple collisions. Some of these collisions were non-injury and others had severe injuries. The difference I have observed in whether a collision was a non-injury collision or an injury collision is one simple thing.

Were the occupants of the vehicle wearing their seat belts?

In my short time as an Oklahoma State Trooper I’ve seen firsthand, seat belts do save lives. It’s simple, wearing a seat belt keeps the occupants in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Not wearing a seat belt results in the occupant being partially or fully ejected if the vehicle was to roll. The vehicle could potentially roll on top of an occupant causing serious injury or even death.

Make it a habit to put the seat belt on every time you start your vehicle.

Lastly, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a zero tolerance policy on this statute. If you are seen not wearing a seat belt, it’s an automatic citation. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on the highway, a county road, or a city street, if it’s a public roadway in the State of Oklahoma the mandatory seat belt law applies.

Drive safe out there.

Tips from a Trooper

Shane Newell

Reach Trooper Shane Newell at 580-477-2765.

Reach Trooper Shane Newell at 580-477-2765.

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