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The Farm Service Agency has been and always will be providing services and benefits to local farmers and ranchers. Very soon Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage or ARCPLC payments will be issued for financial losses suffered during 2015 due to low commodity marketing prices and low yields from adverse weather conditions.

FSA also offers Non-insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program or NAP coverage for producers to insure non-insurable crops against risk of loss. The NAP program provides coverage for mechanically harvested, hand-picked, or grazed crops for only $250 per crop up to $750 per county. Buy-up coverage is also available except for grazed crops.

Livestock producers are an important part of the local economy and FSA is there to help. FSA offers the Livestock Forage Program or LFP, which provides benefits for the loss of grazing when a severe drought is in effect according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

The Livestock Indemnity Program or LIP provides compensation for livestock that died due to adverse weather conditions such as lightning, fire, blizzard, extreme heat and cold. LIP requires very good supporting documentation of livestock numbers, death losses, and cause of loss.

And, the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program or ELAP provides benefits for losses due to disease, certain adverse weather events or loss conditions, including blizzards and wildfires not covered by LFP and LIP, such as livestock death losses; feed and grazing losses that are not due to drought or wildfires on federally managed lands; losses resulting from the cost of transporting water to livestock due to an eligible drought; losses resulting from the additional cost associated with gathering livestock for treatment related to cattle tick fever, honeybee feed, colony and hive losses; and farm-raised fish feed and death losses.

For more information about FSA programs or eligibility, please drop by the FSA office or call 580-482-4312, ext. 2, or visit and click on “FSA Fact Sheets.”

Upcoming deadlines:

Sept. 30 – NAP sales closing date for grapes and barley, rye, triticale intended for grain.

Nov. 15 – final date to report all grass acreage for hay or grazing. Ask about continuous certifications of grass acreage.

Nov. 30 – NAP sales closing date for grass or mixed forage hay and pecans.

Jan. 15 – final date to report all small grain acreage.

March 15 – NAP sales closing date for warm season grasses and spring and summer crops

FSA News Carl Josefy News Carl Josefy

Reach Carl Josefy at or 580-482-4312.

Reach Carl Josefy at or 580-482-4312.

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