Crash pads provide lodging alternative for temporary duty trainees

By Katrina Goforth -

Crash pads are not a new concept. They’re temporary accommodations used by pilots and flight crews.

A crash pad may be a single room for rent or a single bunk bed, according to Crashpads Flight Crew Relocation Service, a company that has helped members find and list crash pads since 1997.

According to the company, renting a crash pad is a way for flight crew members to find inexpensive, private lodging for a short duration — usually no more than eight times a month.

In Altus, airmen or civilian workers frequently visit on temporary duty for an assignment that is not his or her permanent station.

Many such assignments referred to as “TDY” have a duration of no more than six months, as longer stays are often considered a permanent change of station or PCS. During that time, military employees are usually separated from home, family and permanent duty station.

As a result, the crash pad concept is popular in military training communities to provide a method of lodging for those stationed for temporary duty, typically used as overflow when facilities aboard the base are at or near capacity.

Military Crash pad, an online lodging service, provides fully furnished homes with free utilities, amenities that include 70-inch televisions, sound systems full-service cable, pool tables, outdoor grilling, pool, hot tub, wireless internet and maid service in Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Carolina at Altus, Fairchild, Holloman, Kirtland, Little Rock and Randolph Air Force bases.

According to the company, the rate to rent one of the crash pads is the same as the government visiting officer quarters rate, roughly $60 a night, that can be reimbursed after the issuance of a non-availability slip if base lodgings cannot accommodate the entire stay.

Such a stay is a viable option for visitors and a thriving business to the civilian real estate and hospitality community, injecting military pay into the local community, but rates and requirements vary.

By Katrina Goforth

Reach Katrina Goforth at 580-482-1221, ext. 2077.

Reach Katrina Goforth at 580-482-1221, ext. 2077.

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