Weber serves as guest speaker for Rotary Club

By Tinita Tennant -

Keith Weber, owner Civicus Group, OKC was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting.

The Rotarian of the Day for the Altus Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday was Kevin Martin. Martin presented guest speaker Keith Weber, Owner of Civicus Group, OKC. The Civicus Group provides research, consulting, government affairs, and strategic communications to corporations, non-profits, municipal and tribal governments. The company has assisted clients in the securing of funds in excess of a million dollars from the USDA, DoD and the Department of Education.

Weber and Civicus Group’s goal is to help clients get from where they are, to where they want to be, by helping them answer “What are we going to do?”, “How are we going to pay for it?”, and linking the pieces along the way.

That’s what Civicus Group has been working to do for Altus.

“We try to help communities develop a framework to get the most out of your dollars,” said Weber.

Weber stated that there are a set of unique challenges and difficulties met in rural Oklahoma. He went on to express that Altus is doing well, and for the most part, is doing it right. Altus has given some forethought about the five to 10 year plans. The goal is to help iron out the kinks, make things better, and meet those goals. Very importantly, become better about spending and understanding that, “because someone said so,” isn’t a good enough answer when making these decisions.

When figuring out how to maximize resources, Weber says that planning is key. Planning allows more efficient and effective spending.

“You only get one shot at a project,” Weber said. “We want to help ease the pain of prioritizing the needs; appropriate prioritizing.”

A “you” shaped hole was identified in Altus. You, as in you the people, the citizens, the entire community.

‘“Your leadership doesn’t need your input, they require it. The hole is associated with community input and involvement,” said Weber.

It was urged that the citizens continue to engage, and be engaged. It’s important to stay engaged even with the “not so sexy” projects, as Weber termed it. Those road, sewer, and other projects that just aren’t as cool and interesting as the shiny, bells and whistles projects such as new firetrucks and police cars, etc.

“The ‘why we do what we do’ is because every community and organization everywhere needs to build their capacity everywhere,” said Weber.

More information on Civicus Group can be found at

“You took something that I really thought would be a boring topic and made it interesting,” said Rollann Horschler, Altus Rotary President.

Keith Weber was said to be a very entertaining and engaging speaker.

Keith Weber, owner Civicus Group, OKC was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting. Weber, owner Civicus Group, OKC was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting.

By Tinita Tennant

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