Amnesty in August helping local parents support their children

Altus – Earlier this month, Child Support Services debuted Amnesty in August, a month-long program to help noncustodial parents catch up on past-due child support payments. Since Aug. 1, parents from the Altus Child Support Services office have been taking advantage of Amnesty in August.

“We are pleased that approximately 70 parents in our district have participated in Amnesty in August,” said Ryan Howard, Managing Attorney for Altus CSS. “These parents have contacted us and we are working with them to provide the support that their children need and deserve.”

Any noncustodial parent who has past-due child support obligations and has a bench warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing is eligible to participate. While Amnesty in August provides amnesty from arrest on child support-related bench warrants, it is only available to parents who contact CSS directly and begin a payment plan.

“We hope that all eligible parents will participate in Amnesty in August,” said CSS director Gary W. Dart. “It’s important for these parents to contact our office immediately if they are behind in child support payments. Until these parents contact us to begin a dialogue and set up a payment plan, their bench warrants are still in effect and they can be arrested at any time.”

Amnesty in August continues through August 31 and is available to noncustodial parents who have cases through Child Support Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

For more information about Child Support Services or Amnesty in August, call 800-522-2922, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Child Support Services is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. To promote healthy families, CSS establishes, monitors and enforces reliable support while encouraging self-sufficiency and strengthening relationships. The division is responsible for more than 206,000 active child support cases, collecting more than $369 million in the last year on behalf of children and families.

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