Possible scam alert issued

Special to the Altus Times

Altus High School has had reports of solicitors calling personal phone numbers and attempting to sell advertising for AHS.

According to Amanda Davis, director of public relations for Altus Public Schools, the Altus High School staff has not authorized this fundraiser for any group at Altus High School.

“We appreciate all of our local support for our many student organizations and we want to help protect our friends and supporters,” Davis said. “If you receive a phone call and the caller can not identify the specific organization that will benefit from the fundraiser, please do not donate money. Anyone raising funds for any Altus school should be able to explain the organization they are raising money for and how the money will be used.”

For more information, call 580-481-3091 or email adavis@altusps.com.

Special to the Altus Times

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