Local reunion to celebrate 10 years later

Ten years is always thought of as “the big one.” It is the first real chance for a group of classmates to all gather together and find out what each person has been up to since they said goodbye to Altus High School.

Each member of the Class of 2006 has carved out his or her own place in life since graduation 10 years ago, and now they will get a chance to eat, talk and enjoy the company with whom they walked down the hallways of Altus schools.

There are some who have had children, some who have moved far away, some who have gone to college or joined the military and have had 10 long, successful years. Then there are those who are still hanging tight in Altus, unable to give up their hometown for brighter lights. Though the Class of 2006 has an advantage.

“Our generation is different than others because we’re in this technological era,” said one organizer Chelsea Hanlin. “So the reunion has a slightly different tone for us because a majority have kept in contact via social media. We know a lot about what our classmates have been doing over the last ten years. With that being said, there’s always something special about coming home. I think we’re all going to feel some tangible nostalgia when we walk into Altus High School again, and who better to share that moment with than the people who created these memories with us.”

Starting 9 p.m. Friday, the Class of 2006 will meet at Trader Tom’s Tavern on east Broadway for a night of reminiscing, laughter and all-around fun. There will be a photo station set up to commemorate the group’s first night back so attendees are advised to bring their phones and cameras. There will be no food so everyone is being asked to eat before they come.

Saturday at 11 a.m., the group is meeting at the high school to tour the campus and see all that has changed since they were there 10 years ago. Attendees to this event are asked to meet by the clock and to add a little bit of extra fun, attendees are also asked to look for old Bulldog attire and see what everyone can come up with.

Saturday, beginning at 6:30 p.m., the Backdoor Steakhouse is hosting the Class of 2006 for food and drinks. The Class of 2006 will wrap up the reunion here or — if they are still having fun — across the street at the Orient Drugstore.

Reunion weekend is always a time of friendship and fun but attendees are reminded to be responsible. For more information, go to Facebook.com and type in Altus High School Class of 2006.

By Ryan Lewis


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