Internal partnerships vital at WOSC

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Western Oklahoma State College President Dr. Phil Birdine and his wife, Gloria.

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A person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor is the purest form of a partnership, strongly supporting or endorsing an endeavor.

Such a partner takes part or engages in some activity with others and is evident in marriage, business and team partnerships.

It was not uncommon for early moviegoers to hear actor John Wayne refer to an associate cowboy as a partner.

For Dr. Phil Birdine, president of Western Oklahoma State College or WOSC, a partner represents a strengthening of shared support of the WOSC President’s Partner Program.

The program is sponsored by the WOSC Foundation Inc. and has provided much-needed funding for student programs and scholarships in view of declining state funding.

The program is currently in the 10th year of productivity and has attracted a positive partnership of individuals and businesses that share in the support of WOSC.

“It is extremely rewarding for (my wife) Gloria and I to be listed with this specific foundation’s funding source,” Birdine said. “It is more rewarding to know that a total of 17 of our colleagues, employees and spouses join with us through their unselfish financial support of our institution. The participation of our own is a true example of a team effort to encourage others outside the college to join in our effort in providing much-needed funding during this time of economic concern.”

Larry Duffy, executive secretary for the Foundation, expresses sincere appreciation to the 79 WOSC employees who support the Foundation with more than $2,000 per month in payroll deductions.

“The combined efforts on the part of our Western family, makes a tremendous impact on funding opportunities provided by the Foundation,” said Duffy, giving thanks to every employee who gives support. “It is always a special demonstration of stewardship when our employees take a major step forward to support a program like the President’s Partner Program.”

There are 46 current memberships in the WOSC President’s Partner program.

To become involved in the Program, a donor contributes an annual gift in the amount of $1,000, with $750 deposited in a general unrestricted fund and $250 in a restricted President’s Partner Scholarship Endowment. The endowment is investment capital and only the interest is used for annual scholarship.

The donor may contribute an outright gift of $1,000 or may be billed quarterly in the amount of $250.

“The most significant part of the gift is the passion exemplified on the part of the donor to support the college,” Duffy said. “As the donors demonstrate their benevolence, others recognize their own abilities to help with the much-needed funding for the benefit of our students here at Western.”

For more information on the Program or the Foundation call 580-477-7706, email or visit Online giving is available through the website.

Western Oklahoma State College President Dr. Phil Birdine and his wife, Gloria. Oklahoma State College President Dr. Phil Birdine and his wife, Gloria. Courtesy photo

Special to the Altus Times

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