School menus for the week of Oct. 3-7

Breakfast-served with fruit, milk, juice

Elementary School

Monday: Gogurt, Bagels with cream cheese

Tuesday: Cereal, toast, fruit

Wednesday: Pancakes, sausage patty, fruit

Thursday: Breakfast burrito, fruit

Friday: Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit

Intermediate School

Monday: Breakfast burrito, salsa, applesauce

Tuesday: Egg patty, biscuit with jelly, tropical fruit

Wednesday : Pancakes with syrup, sausage, mixed berries

Thursday: Bagel with cream cheese, pineapple

Friday: Cereal, toast with jelly, pears

Junior High School

Monday: Cereal, toast with jelly, fruit

Tuesday: Biscuit with sausage, cheese, fruit

Wednesday: Breakfast burrito, salsa, fruit

Thursday: Pancakes with syrup, turkey bacon, fruit

Friday: Cereal, toast with jelly, fruit

High School

Monday: Pancake wrap with syrup, yogurt, fruit

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza, fruit

Wednesday: WG French toast with syrup, sausage patty, fruit

Thursday: WG Biscuit, scrambled eggs with diced ham, fruit

Friday: Cereal, WG toast with jelly, fruit

Lunch served with milk and fruit

Elementary School

Monday: Cheeseburger, tater tots, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles

Tuesday: Sliced ham and cheese sandwich, broccoli, potato wedges

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, WW roll

Thursday: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, WW roll

Friday: Pizza, salad, corn, fruit

Intermediate School

Monday: Cowboy cavantini, mashed potatoes, green beans, tropical fruit

Tuesday: Chicken noodle, hot roll, broccoli, carrots, pears

Wednesday: Hot ham and cheese, baked tater tots, lettuce, tomato, orange

Thursday: Nachos with beef, Spanish rice, pinto beans, baby carrots, fruit cocktail

Friday: Hamburger, baked fries, lettuce, tomato, apple

Junior High School

Monday: Roasted chicken, mashed potato, gravy, hot roll, green beans or

Ham and cheese sandwich, French fries, lettuce, tomato or

Salad bar

Tuesday: Lasagna, hot roll, green peas or

Fish sandwich, corn on cob, coleslaw

Wednesday: Baked ham, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy, hot roll or

Chili cheese fries, carrot stick, hot roll, or

Deli bar

Thursday: Barbecue chicken, mixed vegetables, potato salad or

Hot ham and cheese sandwich, lettuce, tomato, sun chips or

Potato bar

Friday: Pizza, corn salad or

hamburger, French fries, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cookie

High School

Monday: Steak fingers, green beans, WG hot roll, mashed potatoes with gravy or

Chicken patty sandwich, tater tots, lettuce, tomato, fruit or

Salad bar

Tuesday: Vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese sandwich, saltine crackers or

Corn dog, French fries, carrot sticks or

Taco bar

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with gravy, WG hot roll, green beans or

Sloppy Joe sandwich, French fries, tossed salad or

Salad bar

Thursday: Egg roll, stir-fry vegetables, chicken fried rice or

Combo sub sandwich, sun chips, lettuce, tomato or

Nacho potato bar

Friday: Pizza, corn, tossed salad or

Cheeseburger, French fries, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, brownies

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