Beat the heat with summer bowling

By Ryan Lewis -

The summer has been plugging along and being that it is now just over the halfway point, Town and Country Lanes has seen an abundance of children participate in Kids Bowl Free — a solid turnout at their summer camp and the beginning of summer league play.

The Wednesday league has been going on for a while now and four teams are battling it out for bowling supremacy.

Organizers are still searching for more teams to help increase the competition and they are still accepting teams into the league. Although the fall league is their most active, they are hoping to make the summer league just as popular an option.

Meanwhile, Kids Bowl Free has really taken off.

At least 595 children have signed up for Kids Bowl Free and are hitting the lanes for their two free games a day.

Starting 6 p.m. July 12, the alley will begin hosting the Kids Bowl Free Summer Youth League in which all the children signed up for Kids Bowl Free will be allowed to participate in a six-week mini-league before a week seven pizza party and fun day.

At the pizza party, prizes will be given out. For those interested, a one-time $25 registration fee will be required to pay for shoe rentals, staff assistance, league record keeping and an awards party. Children will use their Kids Bowl Free coupons as payment for their league games.

The alley also recently completed a summer bowling camp in which 12 children participated, making this the largest turnout for a bowling camp the alley has ever hosted. Tipton Children’s Home brought in a large number of children to be taught the game of bowling by Jason Romeiser and each child walked away with a better understanding and appreciation for the game.

The alley is also running two new summer promotions that the staff hopes will pack the alleys for beat-the-heat summertime fun.

Every Wednesday from noon until 5 p.m. is Wild Wednesday where people can bowl for $1.50 per game and $1.50 per set of shoes.

Every Thursday from open to close will be Two-Buck Thursday in which a game of bowling, a pair of shoes and a small drink are all $2 apiece.

The bowling alley is also running a coupon on its Facebook page at which gives a two-for-one special — a second game free with the purchase of a first game. The coupon is valid for up to four people and shoe rental is not included. The coupon must be presented at check-in and will expire by July 30.

There is a lot going on at Town and Country Lanes and even though the summer months are winding down, the lanes have just started heating up. Check regularly for special events and awesome extras at the alley.

For more information on Town and Country Lanes’ specials or to see what is coming up, visit Facebook page or website at or call 580-482-6614.

By Ryan Lewis

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

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