I had a busy week with no car

My car broke down this week and I’ve never been happier to live in a small town.

I’ve never really thought about the location of my house, other than being glad it was close to schools. Now that I’ve had to walk everywhere, I’m extra glad for the location of my house. Almost every place I needed to get to last week was easily within walking distance.

I ran out of cross-stitch needles so I had to walk to Thayer Rags and of course the Cold Front Express was on the way back, so I stopped there too because it was pretty warm that day. Of course the kids couldn’t miss piano lessons in the midst of contest and recital season, so I walked there too. I learned that it takes 11 minutes to walk there. Gotta love that health app that came pre-loaded on my phone.

I’ve mostly walked everywhere, though I did get a ride with a couple friends to Subway and the sheriff’s department, and I learned a few things about this town along the way.

The first thing is that way too many people let their dogs run loose around town and the small dogs were the scariest. They would run up barking and growling and the big dogs usually ran away. Also, “walking” your dog without a leash isn’t walking your dog.

Second, if you live in a brown and cream colored house on Grand Avenue, you might have squirrels in your attic. I saw one go in when I walked by.

Mostly, I learned that people are friendly. Every time I was out walking somewhere, there was never a shortage of people who waved at me. Some of them I knew and some I didn’t, but they all waved at me the same way I wave at people — big and friendly.

I love that Frederick is full of great architecture. It’s a photographer’s dream town. You can’t throw a rock without hitting some great place for photos.

The only downfall of having to walk all week was when I had to leave in the morning when it was pretty cold, and then walking back in late morning or early afternoon when it was quite warm and I was dressed for cold weather.

One of my favorite friends offered to take me grocery shopping while my car was in the shop and if that’s not true friendship I don’t know what is.

Despite not having a vehicle, we still had a busy weekend. The boys had piano contest in Lawton on Saturday, coming home with excellent and superior scores, and their recital on Sunday. They have one more honors recital this week and then it should be pretty quiet until vocal and piano camp at Inspiration Point in the summer. Or, you know, as quiet as it ever gets with three boys in the house. And I just remembered that two of them are playing baseball this summer so never mind.

The recital was pirate themed, and I know you know I didn’t miss that opportunity to dress like a pirate. Why do something halfway when you can do it all the way? I couldn’t find my actual costume, but I had plenty of pieces of clothing to make up a costume. I had a pair of shiny bronze pants, a flowing blouse, knee high boots with gold buttons going up the sides and Reilly’s Paul Revere tricorn hat from last Halloween.

Aiden was invited to Inspiration Point for piano and vocal, two years early, so you can imagine the ruckus that brought with how competitive these two are. William was invited one year early so Aiden has had a little fun rubbing it in his face.

Of course I’m proud of him for being asked two years early, but I’ll be really impressed if he learns the camp contest piece between now and camp.


Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

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