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I’ve shared with y’all things like knowin’ the Boss and ridin’ for the Brand and bein’ on the right trail and all. I want to spend the biggest part of my dime today talkin’ about somethin’ that we, the church, have all found ourselves guilty of at some time or another.

Here it is: If we are followers of Christ, then why do we refuse to saddle up and ride out to search for lost strays? Some of us just prefer hangin’ out at the bunkhouse. And others just flat out desert our duty from the beginning. Why do we do that?

The Boss has told us, “Now saddle up and ride ‘til you find folks, whether they be cowboys or city dwellers, aliens, or native to this land, and tell’em about the ‘good news’ available to them all.”

Jesus says, “I will forgive their sorry ways and then you can dunk ‘em in the water tank or down at the creek in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which represents bein’ buried with Christ in baptism and raised up to ride his trail with new life. But don’t hold ‘em under too long, my Father and I didn’t give ‘em gills.”

Well, maybe he didn’t say it exactly like that but I think that’s pretty close. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to pray for the fish. I just love that ol’ Randy Travis song. A good friend, Rusty Vineyard likes to sing it, some of it goes like this:

“Everybody gathered where the river runs wider at the edge of town to see that Eddie Lee Vaughn baptism was really gonna go down. Folks bet their hard-earned money that water wouldn’t change a thing. They set the odds at a hundred to one his soul wouldn’t never come clean.

Then the preacher said, people take a moment or two. There’s something we need to do.

Pray for the fish, they won’t know what’s coming when the sin starts rolling off the likes of him. Lord be with ‘em, they ain’t done nothin’.

Please won’t you leave them just a little bit ‘a room to swim. Pray for the fish.”

Well, when we place our faith in Christ, we are gonna ride for him (repent). And the first thing we need to do in obedience to the Boss is get baptized. It lets others know that we’re now ridin the trail for Jesus. If we are gonna ride his trail then we need to earn our keep. There’s more to it than just ridin’. He told us to gather up the strays and the lost. And we’re to do some round pen trainin’ (teach) with them while we’ve got their attention.

So why do we tend to just hang out in the bunkhouse? Jesus said follow me. We’ve got work to do.

Now, Jesus wasn’t going fishing. And he wasn’t on any cattle gather, neither. He wants us to join him on a “people gather.” As his followers, the church is to be part of the gatherin’ crew.

But we say, “No, not me. I don’t have time. I’m too busy.”

Doing what? Now, I know we’ve all got to earn a livin’ and some of y’all keep sayin’ how you are too busy gatherin’ cattle and plowin’ and pushin’ a pencil and drivin’ a truck and such to even make it to church gatherin’, but there are lost strays to gather.

Is it possible that sharing the Boss with a lost world — doomed to hell, is important enough to fit into our schedule?

It’s time we open up the Book and get to it. The word of God is alive and rides far and wide. It’s sharper than any castratin’ knife, it penetrates even to separatin’ soul and spirit, rawhide and bone; it passes final judgment on the thinkin’ and attitudes of a cowboy’s way. (Hebrews 4:12 Simplified Cowboy Version)

If we’re gonna wear his brand then let’s read the Book and get busy lookin’ for strays.

Choose Jesus and choose life. Find a church where you “fit in” and serve him and grow in Christ. See y’all at church and keep prayin’ for his harvest. Amen.


Wes Kinder



Reach Wes Kinder at 580-585-3443 or westkinder@aol.com.

Reach Wes Kinder at 580-585-3443 or westkinder@aol.com.

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