The Wildflowering of Chastity opens to a full house

The Frederick Arts Council held “The Wildflowering of Chastity” the weekend before last in front of a very full house.

I was honored to get to be a part of the cast and yes, I was the wicked city woman Violet Nightshade.

As Violet I got to dress up very boldly, wear red glittery eye shadow and hang out with some really fun folks. We practiced a little more than a month in the evenings and had more fun than we probably should have. We learned a little history of the arts in Frederick as well as of the Ramona Theatre. I witnessed several other people in the community giving their time, talent and money to this production. There were those on stage with me, those directing, those running sound and lighting, cooks, cleaners — it took a village.

The most important thing to learn from this is that it takes all kinds to make up a great community — all kinds of people, all kinds of activities, all kinds of extras to make up the complete package. And honestly, I think Frederick is just about the complete package.

We have a beautiful little town, a phenomenal school district, community arts, volunteers who lend themselves to a variety of things. We understand charity and service to others and when we get those pesky funding and hospital issues figured out then I think we will be complete. I know we aren’t perfect. Our crime rate is not zero nor is our poverty rate and our streets aren’t paved with gold, but I’ll take this place over any other.

But I digress. We had a few folks come to dress rehearsal because they were unable to attend Saturday night’s performance. One of those attendees was local mosaic artist Jenny Perry and another couple were choir kids and parents.

I mention Jenny in particular because she took off to Detroit to the Society of American Mosaic Artists conference and the choir folks because they were in Oklahoma City at a contest that day.

My point to this is that little ‘ol Frederick had a community play going, an internationally recognized mosaic artist at a conference (her piece was the showpiece for the conference a few years back) and our Frederick Middle School choir at contest all in the same day which they scored a one and two, bringing home a few trophies.

How many towns of 3,500 have that kind of arts presence? I am proud of the variety that we offer in our community. It allows us all to find our “thing” and latch on to it. So as I have said a thousand times, find your “thing” and latch on. Be a volunteer, supporter or other integral part of it.

Don’t forget: Be kind. Be heard. Be local.

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

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