A $300,000 bond issue for buses and vehicles to transport students in the Blair Public School District will go before voters in a special election on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

The Blair School District presently leases their two route buses from Ross Transportation in Oklahoma City. The Blair board and administration feel the need for new buses “critical” to the district to save the money spent on bus leases and to put savings back in the budget to be better spent on increasing the quality of education for its students.

The district will also be purchasing an activity bus to take students to extracurricular activities or academic events. The activity bus presently owned by the district is a 1998 model bus that is still reliable but needs to be updated to a more fuel efficient bus with better safety features to ensure the safety of our students.

The Blair Board of Education and the administration urges voters to get out and vote to maintain the safety of our most precious commodity, our Blair School students.

Superintendent of Blair School, Jimmy Smith

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