Isn’t it time to tellthe emperor he isn’twearing any clothes?

Eric Steinkopff - Managing Editor

I really try to stay neutral during the political season. I enter the booth on election day with one vote and that’s how I was taught to represent myself.

We just watched some of the Republican National Convention this week.

The Altus Times included a report on now Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.

We even ran one story about the convention with the intent to do roughly the same thing for the Democrats this week.

I didn’t expect the Oklahoma state GOP delegates to weigh in on some of the speeches and comments made during the convention. So we included a report on that, primarily because they were our state representatives and delegates to that convention — just to put things in local perspective.

Even if we don’t recognize all the personal names, we’ll definitely know the places they call home.

So this week we hope to do the same thing. We’re beginning with a story about U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) being selected as former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.

I happen to be working for a newspaper in southern Virginia when Kaine was elected governor. I believe that they only can serve one term, so as someone there put very eloquently, “you can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a former governor of Virginia.”

Now don’t get riled up. I like cats and dogs and most pets. It was just a little rural Virginia expression. But if my memory serves me correctly, Kaine was running against a Republican, neck and neck, in a very tight race. The mood wasn’t particularly good for the current President Barack Obama back then and some of the Democrats didn’t even seek his endorsement at that time in rural Virginia.

But times change.

Kaine narrowly won the governor race and later a bid as senator. Now the same president they tended to avoid at that time is running out in front for the Democratic nominees.

Whichever side of the coin you are on, that’s fine with me — not that it would matter if it wasn’t. I mention all this to lead up to something that struck me as very odd.

I scratch my head, shake it from side to side and say prayers for everything that has been happening in this country regarding race relations, community violence and shooting at the police.

Believe what you want about cause and possible remedies, lets just not get violent over our opinions.

I wonder if all the terrorist attacks — three in Europe in the past eight days alone — might lead some to suggest that it’s time for the end of the world or the rapture as predicted in the Bible’s book of Revelations.

My prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones in any of these tragedies. These are senseless and needless acts.

So, when our President Obama goes on national television and tells us that the American public hasn’t seen more violence than usual in this country or around the world, I have to do more than just shake my head.

I’m not dissecting his political ideology. I don’t care if 99 percent of the things he does are right or wrong. You can have your own views on that. There are many different views on what’s wrong and how to correct it.

I’m just saying, he’s supposed to be a really sharp guy. So either this Commander in Chief is naive beyond belief or he thinks that we are to believe we don’t actually see the tension and violence surrounding us right now.

I’m terribly sorry, but I just can’t help but point out to the emperor that he isn’t wearing any clothes.

Eric Steinkopff

Managing Editor

Reach Eric Steinkopff at or 580-482-1221, ext 2072.

Reach Eric Steinkopff at or 580-482-1221, ext 2072.

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