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Seniors want answers on meal site funding

Dear Editor,

Welcome to Altus. I am writing this inquiry on behalf of the senior citizens who participate in the Meal Site program.

You are probably aware of the MAPS project that was voted on by the citizens of Altus about six years ago. It was a joint project with the city and the school system here. It included a new municipal building for the city and a new high school , plus renovation of one of the buildings of the old high school. These were completed first.

It also included in the MAPS project a new building for the Senior Citizens Meal site and a new fire station for the city.

These two projects have not been realized at this time.

We have had several elections during the six years mentioned. Several mayors, many councilmen have served. The senior citizens were told about a year ago that the school system had donated its old library building to them to be renovated for their use. The mayor assured us that they “had the money to do the work on it,” and we were assured that it would begin in April of 2016. A contractor was hired to draw up the plans and he consulted with our meal site officials about our needs.

We have not received any further information concerning our facility. Nothing has been done to the premises. We have waited six years and are very frustrated about this situation. Many of our group have died and several have gone to nursing homes. They voted for the MAPS project; all of the project.

Not just what seems most important to our officials who decide what and when things get done.

We don’t understand why the building that was given to us by the school system hasn’t been renovated with the money the city said we had to do it with.

Please help us find out what is going on. We’re beginning to get the feeling that they are waiting for the rest of us to die, then they can just forget the whole thing.

But the whole thing was voted on and the whole thing passed.


Nancy McClintock


Seniors want answers on meal site funding
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