Navajo runners place at Hinton and Cache

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This is the first year for the Navajo Cross Country program. Girl’s basketball coach, David Doss, is using this time of the year wisely by having his players run cross country in the mornings before school. The results of the Navajo runners at the Hinton and Cache meets show Navajo to be more than just a baseball/basketball school.

Hinton meet results

HS Boys 5000m – The high school boys finished second at the Hinton Cross Country meet. Juniors, David Gilstad (20:55) and Luke Muller (21:06), led Navajo’s team finishing fifth and seventh. Freshman, Holdyn Mandrell, finished 13th, Justin Stevens 14th, and Lane Allen 20th. The top five placers all received medals and the runner-up trophy was presented to the team.

HS Girls 3200m – Due to a softball schedule conflict, only two girls competed. Reilly Avila (16:50) got a medal for 20th place and Lindy Lambert (16:54) finished in 21st place.

JH Boys 3200m – Eighth grader Airen Josefy placed third with a time of 14:55.

JH Girls 2400m – Seventh graders, Trinity Rohrer (11:08) and Lilie Graham (11:12), finished in fifth and sixth place.

5th-6th Boys 1600m – 6th graders Carson Miller (7:35) and Aiden Kille (8:11) finished in 4th and 7th place.

Cache Cross Country Meet

Of the 19 runners that Navajo took to the Cache meet, 15 brought home medals.

HS Boys 5000m – David Gilstad (19:02) and Luke Muller (19:33) were the highest placing high school runners at 10th and 18th place. Justin Stevens (21:30) ran and finished in seventh place in the J.V. division.

HS Girls 3200m – Tabitha Armstrong (15:12) placed highest in fifth place, Reilly Avila (15:32) placed in eighth, Emmy Cobb (16:06) was in 11th place, Lindy Lambert (16:07) was in 12th place, and Chelsea Cox (16:55) was in 14th place. Foreign exchange student from Germany, Marie Westerdick, placed fourth in the J.V. division. Amber Gibbons and Analea Cobb also finished sixth and eighth place in the J.V. division.

JH Girls 3200m – Due to the rain, the JH girls ran 3200m with everyone else instead of the 2400m. Trinity Rohrer (15:41) finished in 18th place and Lilie Graham (15:43) finished in 19th place.

JH Boys 3200m – Airen Josefy finished third for the second consecutive meet. Josefy led after the first mile and was narrowly passed late in the second mile. His final time was 13:00. Aiden Kille finished first in the junior high junior varsity division with a time of 15:04.

Brad Gilbert

Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


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