The Bulldogs are working this summer

The earliest rays of sun come out and the Bulldogs are in full stride putting in work already.

Resistance bands stretch out behind these players put in work trying to improve their 40 yard sprint technique.

Jayden Benway puts in work as he bursts out of his stance.

Coach Lamb puts in work keeping a close eye on the footwork of these Bulldog shuttle runners.

Austin Baldwin shows us exactly why footballers wear mouthpieces as he puts in work.

Austin Baldwin puts in speed work and probably looking for another tackle behind the line.

Jake Vargas gets some air as he puts in agility work.

Coach Benway puts in work keeping a sharp eye on his agility drills.

Even the kicker, Gabe Barton, is putting in work.

The Bulldogs set up their work area before the sun rays break over the trees. These players are hungry for success. There is a tangible sense that something big is going on with this Altus program. GO BULLDOGS!!

Taven Birdow is known for putting in work.

Week 1 of the Bulldogs summer pride program is done. On the heels of a successful team camp at Mustang last week, the Bulldogs are hard at work in preparation for the 2015 season. People, it’s mid-June already. The Bulldogs will play their first game in a few days. Not really, but it will feel like just a few days.

The boys in blue are working like they only have a few days left to get ready. As a fan, it’s easy to support that kind of effort. On Tuesday, following a two hour summer pride workout, the Bulldogs skill people went over to battle a 7 on 7 contest with Ike on Cameron’s field.

Considering the Bulldog’s style of offense, 7 on 7 doesn’t exactly favor Altus. We run the ball in many directions and it depends on what big boys in the trenches are doing that decides who gets the ball and where it will go. The 7 on 7 set up is a pass happy game without the 5 down linemen. However, the Bulldogs had success in the passing game as well.

“Obviously, the 7/7 game doesn’t fit our offense,” said coach Reed. “For an option team, I thought we threw and caught well. Our defense covered well and even though the kids were exhausted from morning workouts, we performed with energy and benefited from working on our skills. All the guys did great.”

Some kids hang out at the pool, run around with their knucklehead friends and make poor decisions. Some lose focus and feel like summer is for silly activities and Kool-Aid couch resting. We call them lazy.

However, some kids work hard every day and remain focused on what they have set out to do. Some gain the trust of their teammates as they see each of their brothers working as hard as they are.

We call them Bulldogs.

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