Senior Bulldogs deserve thanks and recognition

Brad Gilbert -

Tomorrow night’s football game between the Altus Bulldogs and Northwest Classen is more than a David vs. Goliath match-up.

The only way this comparison would work is if David was facing Goliath and 16 of his friends.

There will be 16 seniors lining up on the home sideline for “Senior Night” with their parents or persons of choice. They will have their names read aloud by Jack Diltz. Then, they will walk out on the field. The home crowd will then pour mass adulation and gratitude toward them.

Diltz will be enjoying a special senior night as the Bulldogs’ announcer. He will be calling the name of his grandson, Jayden Benway.

Benway, the master technician quarterback of the Bulldogs, deserves as much credit as anyone for the resurgence of this football program. His level-headed, patient, steady and rock-solid leadership and performance instills confidence in all of us.

No matter a game’s situation, things just seem to be going good for the boys in blue. Jayden is “We got this,” personified.

Tomorrow’s game is a welcome relief on the Bulldogs schedule.

In fact, there are added bonuses that come with the victory against Classen.

I know, this goes against my usual stance of not underestimating your opponent. However, Classen has yet to win a game this year. They won’t win tomorrow either.

Classen has allowed over 50 points in eight of their nine losses.

The Bulldogs will do what they know to do early in this game. Whoever gets the football will undoubtedly find some running room behind an offensive line that is flat out getting the job done every week. This group’s contribution to the Bulldogs’ record breaking pace this season cannot be overstated.

Line coach, Dusty Davis, has this bunch motivated and aggressive every week.

Sometimes it is difficult for fans to take their eyes off of the result of the play. I encourage the Bulldogs’ supporters to randomly pick out a lineman for at least a play or two in the games going forward. These kids are impressive.

The Bulldogs will benefit from the Thursday night scheduled contest rather than a normal Friday time. Freeing up a Friday night for the coaching staff, allows for some first-hand scouting of the Bulldogs’ opponent in the first round of playoffs.

More importantly than any of those bonuses, is the opportunity for the reserves, or younger guys, to get some game experience in tomorrow night.

It is senior night, yes. However, it is expected that the Bulldogs will look to rest the starters as much as possible against Classen.

You seniors or starters that get some time on the bench tomorrow night for rest should consider it to be their just rewards. Rewards for the work they have put into this season.

By this season’s work, of course, I mean the work put in since elementary school, or whenever your football experiences started.

It all comes down to this: Enjoy tomorrow night.

Enjoy every minute of senior night. Savor it. Soak it up. Take it all in and try and remember every second with fondness.

Because next on the schedule is what you have worked and waited for your whole life.

It will be time to make a run at it.


Brad Gilbert

Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


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