Altus has a winning culture

Brad Gilbert -

Tonight on the east side of the state, the Altus High School Bulldogs will take the field in Coweta for the quarterfinals of class 5A’s playoffs. Eight teams remain in the hunt for a state title.

The Bulldogs have every intention of winning this one. They are healthy and prepared. Despite one game preview recently circulated among the fans, the Bulldogs have seen similar offenses to the one Coweta runs. However, Coweta has not seen the flexbone offense with its unique angles of blocking.

The Bulldogs offense by statistics looks to be a team only capable of running the ball. The Bulldogs have over 4,200 yards on the ground and near 650 in the air. There is a big difference between only being able to run the ball and running the ball at you from every angle. The flex in this flexbone offense continues to be a headache for other team’s preparing to face it each week.

Before last week’s first round game against Guthrie, coach Reed was adamant on turnovers being the deciding factor on the outcome of the game. Last year’s loss to Guthrie was due in large part to the Bulldogs turning the ball over after building a double-digit lead.

Last week, the Bulldogs played as clean of a game as anyone could want. While Jayden Benway was causing a fumble and picking off three Guthrie passes and nearly a fourth, the offense maintained its possessions. The Bulldog offense with Benway at quarterback is extremely comfortable with what it is trying to do.

The Bulldog defense this year is again confounding the senses. This 2015 version of Bulldogs defense has been suffocating against the run and the pass this season. The Bulldogs have been especially tough on opposing offenses in the second half of games.

Anyone aware of the positive changes that have taken place in the Altus athletic programs these past two years, should notice that winning and success is not only for the high school.

It seems every sport, every team at every age, have staked a claim in this culture of winning.

The environment here seems to be surrounded in an atmosphere of positivity and success. It’s infectious. Cross country teams were successful. Despite losing seven starters from a year ago, the softball team got better and better as the season progressed. The swimming teams are both at the top of class 5A. The entire football program from varsity through 7th grade boasts an unofficial record of 41-7. People, 41-7 is absolutely shocking. No town can claim anything near that. Most of those seven losses were suffered by the 8th graders. Anyone that watched these 8th graders play knows full well they may be the most stacked team Altus has from a talent standpoint. Every age group has talent, speed and maybe most important from a football angle, size.

Unless some of these youngsters just completely stop growing, it appears Altus High School will put the biggest, most athletic linemen on the field in the next three to five years than anytime in its history.

This team has the right attitude in victory and defeat. Therefore, they are winners to us.

This town has been due some success for a long time. Because of new attitudes, desire, work ethic and values, we feel we deserve it.

GO BULLDOGS!! Go get what you have worked so hard for. Go get that success. You deserve it.

Brad Gilbert

Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


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