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Bulldog Football 2015

The Altus Bulldogs will face the Irish from Bishop Mcguinness tomorrow night inside Cameron Stadium in Lawton. This is the most important game the Bulldogs have played this year. Of course, that’s not a very profound statement.

Any coach or athlete will be quick to tell you that the most important game on the schedule is the next one. Considering the quickest way to lose a game, a fight, a poker tournament, a race or whatever else you can list is to underestimate your opponent, the Bulldogs will need to focus on the task at hand.

That’s exactly what they have been doing each week. We certainly don’t expect that will change.

Let’s take a look at this match-up by looking at some interesting numbers that are in play here in the 13th week of the year.

7 – Game time is set for 7 p.m. It’s also the cost to get in.

15 – The number of yards on the ground by McGuinness senior quarterback, Jacob Mullins.

56 – The number of carries by Mullins for an average of .3 yards per carry.

minus 173 – The number of total yards rushing for Mullins in his three years as quarterback.

89 – The total yards rushing by his sophomore brother, Brennan on 10 carries for an average of 8.9 per carry over two years.

minus 7.2 – The total yards rushing Jacob Mullins has averaged per game over three seasons.

4 – The total rushing touchdowns by Mullins in three seasons.

1,241 – The total yards rushing by Altus quarterback, Jayden Benway in over two seasons.

1,149 – The total yards passing by Benway over two seasons.

35 – The number of touchdowns by Benway in two seasons combining rushes and passes.

24 – total interceptions by Benway in four seasons.

6 – The number of interceptions separating Benway and Noah Canary-Vawter of Little Axe who is in second place in Oklahoma.

12 – The number of extra points that Gabe Barton has surpassed the old record of 46 set in 1995 by Mike McFadden.

2 – The number of times Bishop McGuinness has faced a team that ran the ball more than they passed it against them.

2 – The number of losses on Bishop McGuinness’ record and this stat is not a coincidence.

2 – The number of games that a Mcguinness opponent (games Mcguinness lost) had more penalties than they did.

22- The number of yards passing by Taven Birdow.

34.5 – The average yards per reception by Birdow.

29 – The total touchdowns by Taven Birdow combining returns, rushes and receptions.

4,704 – The total yards rushing by Altus in 2015. (so far)

17 – The number of teams in the nation having more rushing yards than Altus. (MaxPreps)

11.5 – The number of yards Jake Vargas averages per carry.

1 – The number of players Jayden Benway is tied with on the national interception list. (MaxPreps)

4 – The number of interceptions thrown by Altus quarterbacks in 2015.

4 – The fewest interceptions by an Altus team in history.

34 – The forecasted high in Fahrenheit for Friday.

20 – The forecasted wind speed for Friday.

These are a few numbers that I found interesting going into Friday’s match-up. I have to think that poor weather conditions favors a team that can run the ball.


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Brad Gilbert

Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


Reach Brad Gilbert@482-1221 ext. 2076


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