Farewell from Coach Reed


I want to personally thank this community for the amazing two years my family and I had here in Altus. The journey hasn’t always been easy or smooth but the memories we will take away from this season of life will be remembered for a lifetime. I remember when interviewing for the position I was told, “it’s the people that make Altus what it is.” That statement couldn’t have held true any better. Our family has made great relationships with so many in our time here. Our two boys loved their experience as Bulldogs!

The success our football team has had couldn’t have happened without the community wide support that was built. Our program truly benefited off of the “Family” theme that this community helped build. The images of the stands this season and the streets lined with people as we came back into town after winning the state championship will never be erased from my mind. I truly believe there is nowhere like Altus when it comes to community support.

This decision to leave was very painful for Brooke and I. Its easy to leave somewhere if your unhappy or it’s a bad place, neither of those things existed in this decision. Roger Hill, Roe Worbes, and our school board have been amazing to work with since I arrived. I came in with a vision and that vision took many changes that were all supported by this great administration, change isn’t easy! I can’t thank them enough for putting trust in me to help wake a sleeping giant!

Finally I want to thank my players, parents, and coaches. The parents have endured many things over the last four years, which makes it hard to listen to a new guy saying all the right things! But the support I received from parents has been amazing! Our coaching staff was phenomenal to work with. They bought into the philosophy of this program and made it their own. One man can’t change an entire football program, it takes many! Last but certainly not least I want to thank my players. I never dreaded coming to work because of the great kids I was privileged to work with daily. There commitment to be great was something I saw from day one. They taught me as much as I taught them! Each one of them will forever hold a very special place in my heart, will always love you guys!

Bulldog Football is back! I fully expect to see nothing but great things not just this fall, but for years to come! Its been a great journey Bulldogs, I wish you nothing but the very best! Continue to FIGHT the fight, FINISH the race, and keep the FAITH!

Once a Bullodog, Always a Bulldog

/s/ Jeremy Reed

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