AHS fieldhouse gets new lockers

These new lockers installed Thursday are a welcomed addition to the fieldhouse facelift.

The coaches’ office is painted and boxes of flooring are on site ready for installation.

Keeping up with all other aspects of the Bulldogs athletic program that coach Reed has been involved in, the work continues on the field house and its new look comes with some new pride.

50 new lockers funded by members of the community and local businesses arrived yesterday and after seeing them installed, they couldn’t have come at a better time. Right when the heat from this summer is thickening, getting a jolt from the arrival and installation of the new lockers helps to motivate the weary.

The Bulldogs are still in need of 40+ more lockers in order to accommodate the rising participation numbers this fall.

The field house still has the look of work “in progress” but the changes made so far, have a completely different look to the old style. The smell of a new layer of Bulldog grey paint still hangs in the air and on the walls. These lockers still sparkle as much as blue metal can.

In just over a month…. I will repeat. IN JUST OVER A MONTH, people, the 2015 Bulldogs will report for their fall workouts. That’s when these lockers will take some wear in the combustion of 100 young athletes tossing helmets and pads around as if they owned the place.

Well, in a sense they do own it. Work hard enough in summer pride workouts, show up on time and carry yourself with humility and respect and the new lockers are yours. Join your brothers and represent the family with confidence, know your assignments and responsibilities and the team is yours. Believe in each other and the plan the coaches have devised for you, develop a loathing for losses, get better every day and take the field with intent and execute with swagger and the season is ours.


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