An apology: All in good fun

EDITOR’S NOTE: First and foremost, this is an apology to any child and their parents and family who may have been hurt by words in print in the Altus Times. Our intention was only to show all-in-good-fun, candid shots of kids at play.

When I take pictures of the goings on at the city league games, or wherever it may be, I try to capture some candid moments. Rarely will you see pictures from me that look staged or planned. I am just not a big fan of the perfectly centered, “ok now say cheese” type of photos.

I end up with hundreds photos I have to sift through to pick out 10-15 or so to appear in the newspaper. I realize now that this type of narrowing down can have the appearance of singling out certain individuals. It is not. Nor will it ever be my intention to hurt the feelings of any individual especially a child. I have two children of my own in sports, and I’ve coached and taught hundreds of other kids. I would never intentionally hurt a kid.

I try to pick the photos for the newspaper that might produce a smile for the eyes that see them. Each picture needs its own cutline, or caption, at the bottom. It’s intended to provide some sort of relevance to the picture so it isn’t just a picture.

Sometimes picking some cutline words proves to be a more daunting task than the picking the pictures themselves I understand that I have recently chosen words for cutlines that have been interpreted by some in a manner that I never intended. I regret that. I do apologize. I will certainly be more attentive to my choices in the future.

The main thing I failed to remember is the excitement and joy a kid or his/her family feel when they see themselves in the newspaper. There is just something magical about seeing your picture on the sports page. I will remember that from now on and will take more care with my choice of words.

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