City League Baseball Finals

The undefeated Yankees wait for the first game to end.

Getting ready to hit

The secondary lead at second.

Taylor and her Uncle and coach of the Fat Daddy’s t-ball girls league and tournament champions.

His first hit of the season was a home run in championship game.

Ready to field the next batted ball.

All this excitement can wear you out.

Kaden Konen delivers a pitch.

Navajo 11/12 boys team gathers for some insight before the game.

“Give ‘em the heater.”

Here comes one from down low.

Nico Maldonado presents trophies to Laethon Patterson.

Some good sportsmanship from both teams.

Navajo 11/12 won the tournament by giving the Yankees their only loss of the season, 4-1.

And when the games are done, the siblings take over the field and bring their fun with them.

This breakout could be heard all over Missle Park.

City League Baseball Finals

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