Bulldogs tune up during two day camp

Tavon Birdow catches a short rest between reps.

Coach Torres is caught in no man’s land covering neither the quarterback cut up the middle or the pitch man. Jayden Benway takes advantage and cuts this one up the field.

Coach Reed looks like he enjoys this pitch as it finds the hands of a speedster on the edge.

Quarterback Jayden Benway finds an open skinny post for the completion.

Tavon Birdow, Coach Reed and Shaquan French look on as the Bulldogs work through the two day tune-up camp.

The cloudy, wet and rainy weather combined with some huddles, blocking techniques and option accelerations sure made this morning feel like football.

June is gone and July is pushing fast. It is really baffling how fast the clock turns and the the calendar pages are flipped when you are an adult. There are only a few short weeks before the Bulldogs will report to pre-season practices full-time. We will be discussing parent meetings, team rules, depth charts and season expectations in no time at all.

Today, the Bulldogs were in their second of a two day tune-up camp. Offensive schemes and flexbone subtleties were the focus.

Coach Kenny Wheaton, Harding University’s offensive mind, was on hand to convey some wisdom concerning various improvements to the Bulldogs game plans and to elaborate on recognizing and adapting to various possible defensive looks that Bulldogs are likely to encounter this season.

This is another sign of coach Reed’s ability to lead. While coach Reed certainly understands the game, he also understands that bringing in a man that has been running this offense since 1979 can likely result in a better understanding of what he is trying to accomplish here.

Those teams on the Bulldogs schedule beware. The Bulldogs got better today. This team is itching to get on the field. You can feel it on the practice field.

It will be here soon enough boys, soon enough.


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