Fawns active at Quartz Mountain

Special to the Altus Times

Fawns are old enough to be following mom around, watching as she browses — eating grass and leaves — learning to be a deer.

Most does have a single fawn their first pregnancy and after that, if they’re healthy, they will usually have twins. If food conditions were good over the previous fall and winter, some does may have triplets.

The Quartz Mountain Nature Park staff have seen at least one set of triplets this year. Therefore, when a deer crosses the road with a fawn or two trailing after her, slow down and look for a possible third fawn — who generally lags far behind and then races to catch up, without any care or concern about cars, trucks or personal safety. When driving through and around Quartz Mountain allow a little more time, go slow and let the fawns cross.

Skittish fawns are also part of the reason Quartz Mountain has a fireworks prohibited policy. Fawns get easily frightened and run wildly in any direction, even right across the road. Fireworks, with loud noises, flashes of light and the smell of explosives can scare deer. They become more frantic as more and more explosions go off. So fireworks are prohibited at Quartz Mountain Nature Park. Of course, during dry years the threat of fire outweighs even the stress on wildlife.

To photograph fawns and does, visit the park around sunrise and sunset. Deer are most active at these times so chances of seeing fawns out and about are better. Sunrise with the possibility of dew and the probable cooler temperatures increases the odds. Of course, weekdays have fewer campers and the deer can often be seen ambling through campgrounds. As the days heat up, young fawns and does are more likely to be napping in the shade and less likely to be posing for photographs. Older does are less wary of people and do seem to pose for photos. Fawns, especially at this period of time, are much more skittish and seldom hold still long enough for a good picture.

Special to the Altus Times

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