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How a local business provides for all at one location.

By Ryan Lewis -

The bus in the center of one of the fields has become a staple for Crossfire players.

Ryan Lewis | Altus Times

A man runs and takes cover behind a school bus located in the center of the field. A friendly is off to his left, just behind a tree laying down suppressing fire while he flanks his enemies.

He rushes around the rear of the bus and ducks behind the large Pick-up Taco sign. He thinks he is safe, but he no longer hears his squadmate firing. He peaks back around the bus to see that he is down.

Now, it is just him and the three enemies on the other side of the bus. They are all that separates him from victory.

This is one of many scenarios that play out to the east of Missile Park and just south of the railroad tracks at Altus’ Crossfire Paintball.

For more than a decade, Crossfire has been providing paintball, Airsoft and laser tag enthusiasts with a place to participate in the game of their choosing, and the staff hopes to continue doing so for many years to come.

Crossfire was originally opened and operated by Brian Davis and Jesse Basaldua. After a year, Basaldua sold his share to Davis and that is how it stayed until January 2015 when Robert Campbell purchased Crossfire from Davis.

Now, more than a year later, Crossfire is still going strong.

Paintball was developed in the 1980s and grew from a relatively unknown game to what is now a large sporting event that involves players eliminating their opponents by shooting them with dye-filled paintballs from carbon dioxide powered gun.

There is a lot of coordination and teamwork involved in a paintball game and it continues to maintain its popularity throughout the years as the go-to sport for many around the world.

Crossfire has three different playing fields, allowing six different teams to play at once if needed.

The cost to play paintball at Crossfire is $40 per person and includes the rental of a paintball gun, the air supply for the gun, a bag of 500-count paintballs, the loader that holds the paintballs, a mask and air and field fees. The best part about it is the $40 includes the use of a field for the entire day.

Although a mask is the only piece of safety equipment required, Crossfire does have elbow pads, knee pads and a selection of camouflage uniforms for an additional fee.

There are special rates available for large groups. For a group of six people, the price to play is lowered to $35 per person, for a group of 12 people, the price is lowered to $30 per person, and for 18 people, the price is lowered to $25 per person.

For those more interested in Airsoft than paintball or laser tag, that is an option at Crossfire as well.

Although Airsoft has been played at Crossfire for a while now, ammunition, equipment and guns were not available until Campbell took over.

At the moment, all Campbell has available for rent are pistols which are more geared towards beginners.

Along with several other rules, one of the major rules that is strictly enforced at Crossfire is a 15-feet rule. The rule was designed to keep players from getting too close to each other and firing from dangerously close distances.

“Players have to be at least 15 feet away,” Campbell said. “I will split them apart if they get too close. If players use the bus in the middle of the field and end up on either side of the bus, I tell them not to fire at each other and to go back a barricade. I try to arrange the barricades to where as long as they are at different barricades, they are about 15 feet away.”

Although the idea is to have fun, Campbell feels like safety is a top priority.

For those players looking to play something a little less painful, Crossfire also has laser tag with 10 guns up for rent.

Crossfire charges $1 per game, per person. Each game has a five minute time limit, and set with unlimited ammunition and health.

Crossfire also offers per-hour play. For those who wish to play per hour, the clock does not start until the game begins, meaning breaks can be taken without cutting into the hour allotment.

Crossfire also offers tabletop gaming for those who prefer a game with a little less of the physical element. Warhammer is the game of choice and Crossfire has figurines as well as books available for purchase at the store.

Campbell also hopes to expand Crossfire in the near future as he hopes to schedule much bigger events for lovers of Airsoft and paintball.

Crossfire is open every week 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, but Campbell has no problem staying open if there are still players on the field. He also has installed lights on the field so that night games can be played as well.

In addition to the normal schedule, Campbell also is willing to come in Sunday through Tuesday by appointment.

For more information, call Crossfire at 580-477-2468.

The bus in the center of one of the fields has become a staple for Crossfire players. bus in the center of one of the fields has become a staple for Crossfire players. Ryan Lewis | Altus Times
How a local business provides for all at one location.

By Ryan Lewis

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

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