Altus High School ACT scores on the rise

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According to the most current ACT report, Altus High School student ACT scores have risen above the state average. Data released in August of 2015 documents a five year trend of rising scores for Altus High School. The 2015 graduating class of AHS had an average composite score of 21.2 compared to the 20.7 average across the state.

“Altus High School students have maintained ACT scores that are fairly consistent with state averages for the past five years, with a significant rise for the 2015 graduating class. About 60% of the 2015 graduating class participated in the ACT exam. I am very proud and encouraged by the rising trend in ACT scores from our students. This trend indicates that the rigor of coursework that is provided to students is increasing and reflects well on the teachers who help prepare students to take the ACT,” stated Altus High School principal, Rita Beisel.

The emphasis placed on reading in all classrooms in grades Pre-K through 12th grade is paying dividends as the average reading score for AHS graduates jumped an entire point from 2014 to 2015. The 2015 composite reading score of 22.4 is .9 above the state average score of 21.5.

“The upward trend during the past five years on ACT scores at Altus High School is very encouraging, especially with the Class of 2015 scoring well above the state average. Our teachers are doing a phenomenal job of preparing our students for college and career readiness. Hopefully, the ACT district score for reading is an indicator that the high school is now beginning to reap the benefits from the greater emphasis placed on reading proficiency at the lower grades during the past several years. I am very proud of our teachers and administrators across the district,” declared Altus Superintendent Roger Hill.

Cindy Allen, Director of Curriculum for Altus Schools added,” Our current ACT scores would not be possible without the combined effort of our teachers in grades PK-12. All of our teachers work incredibly hard to give students the skills they need to be successful. The true payoff for a teacher is when their students do well. The 2015 ACT scores reflect the combined effort between teachers and students.”

staff reports

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