MAPS funds discussed at Council meeting

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A regular meeting of the Altus Municipal Authority was held Tuesday, Oct. 20. The meeting was followed by a regular meeting of the Altus City Council.

AMA agenda items discussed included a budget amendment, receiving of finance reports, a bid for for duty uniforms and related items, as well as minor changes to the memorandum of agreement between Altus Air Force Base and the EDC for work to be done at Altus Air Force Base associated with the KC-46A Formal Training Unit.

Exciting news was expressed during a presentation of financial information spread sheets. The spreadsheets compared Septembers financial status of the AMA to the 2015 month of September report. The current balance shown in the MAPS report reflected updated information on the Altus Public Schools financial statements in comparison to what the AMA was showing in its financial statements. The report reflected that the AMA reports matched that of the Altus Public Schools and recommended that the AMA should not spend any of the interest generated revenue at this time.This was recommended in hopes of holding it in anticipation of balancing the 2016 budget.

The bid for duty uniforms from Cintas Corporation of Lawton was then voted on and approved.

The AMA then heard Brian Bush, Altus Chamber of Commerce President. Bush presented some minor changes to the wording of the Memorandum of Agreement between Altus Air Force Base, The AMA, and the EDC. This memorandum was approved on September 15 of this year. As a matter of formality, Bush presented only a few very minor changes necessary to satisfy requests made by Altus Air Force Base representatives.

The AMA then entered into Executive Session which was an update only and no new matters were discussed. Then, the AMA adjourned.

The City Council then addressed a vehicle and liability insurance item, a resolution negotiating a contract between the City and US Bureau of Reclamation for a percentage of costs to rehabilitate the W.C. Austin dam at Lake Lugert-Altus.

The vehicle and liability insurance item was voted on and approved.

The City of Altus 15% commitment toward the Reclamation Contract with the Lake Lugert Dam amounts to $25,000. The improvements to made have been determined to raise the dykes by two feet. This was approved.

Permanent stop signs at the intersection of Tiera Rica and Sierra Vista were addressed and approved.

The new fund for the recreation department was approved. The fund would allow the revenue generated to be placed in a fund so that the money would be available and not moved to another department.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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