Authorities confident of rapists ID

According to Jackson County Sheriff Roger Levick, OSBI Agent Roger McIver notified him early Friday morning that an armed robbery suspect had committed two home invasions, one in Collingsworth County, and another in Hall County, Texas the previous evening.

The suspect, Mike Kyle Frederick, 39, of Altus, committed suicide after leading authorities on a chase. Agent McIver, whom Sheriff LeVick had been working with, thought there might be a possible connection to the sexual assault of an elderly Altus woman.

Levick said that a follow up investigation revealed that he had been to the suspects house approximately 30 minutes prior to his departure on Thursday afternoon, but did not make contact with anyone. Levick said that an apology note recovered from the suspect’s truck contained the rape victim’s name, in addition to a large amount of circumstantial evidence. “This lead authorities to be confident that Frederick is the person responsible for the sexual assault.” Levick also said that DNA and/or fingerprint evidence will be conclusive, but may not be available for several weeks.

Levick added that Frederick has suffered from mental illness for years and has been trying to get help from the Veterans Administration.

The sexual assault vicitim was a 84-year-old Altus woman who was brutally, sexually abused in her home on June 3.

“The victim heard a knock at the door, and thought it was a neighbor,” said Levick. “But when she realized it wasn’t someone she knew, she tried to shut the door, but the man forced his way in,” added Levick.

Levick said that this was not part of a burglary, and that no items were taken from the home. “This woman was targeted,” said Levick. “No other neighbors reported anyone knocking at their doors, or any other similar activity.”

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation examined the crime scene and a forensic sketch artist was brought in from OSBI to work with the victim. The Drug Task Force also assisted with the investigation.

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