A Bulldog State Champion turns pro

Jaret Nassaney takes another corner.

Jaret Nassaney tries to relax and focus up before climbing up on that bike.

Jaret Nassaney just looks like a guy that races motorcycles as he shows off his sponsors.

Jaret Nassaney slides out on the near side ready to lay he is knee down and take the turn.

It takes a special kind of person to compete in this sport.

Every now and then, a class comes along and sets itself separate from the other “go through the motions” classes. A class that doesn’t beat its chest and allows their abilities, efforts, work ethic and achievements speak for themselves.

The Altus Bulldogs boys’ swim team were State Champions in 2015. About the time for the season to get underway back in October, Jaret Nassaney was competing in a Grand National moto race in Alabama at Barber Motorsports track.

Nassaney, a 2016 Senior, won that Grand National and grabbed the attention of his racing team and some sponsors as well. About the time the Bulldogs were breaststroking, butterflying and backstroking their way to amateur immortality with the State title, Nassaney received his professional license.

Nassaney wasted no time making some noise on the pro-circuit. Soon, it will become apparent that wasting time is an activity that Jaret Nassaney wants no part of.

When you have to swim five miles a day to stay in swimshape, go to the gym as much as possible and find time for homework and friends, a teenager’s schedule can fill up very fast.

Add to that, taking on a professional career as a moto-street racer and all that comes with it and maintaining Jaret Nassaney’s day to day schedule can be daunting. It’s not like he can just pay a $10 entry and cruise over to Lawton or Wichita Falls and call himself a pro.

Instead, the Nassaney family loaded up and headed North to Wisconsin for Jaret to compete in the first of five rounds in the Road America series.

Road America features approximately 35 riders all trying to gain the attention of a sponsor or a racing team who will invite them to ride their bikes.

In the first race in Wisconsin on Saturday two weekends ago, Nassaney placed 14th out of 33 starters and the second race on that Sunday, Nassaney placed 19 out of 33 riders.

Last week at Birmingham, nassaney crashed out of the first race and took 15th out of 34 riders.

These are all that much more impressive when you consider Nassaney has only been riding competitively since summer of 2013 and only recently received his pro status.

This morning, the Nassaney family including Mom and Dad, Janette and George, brother Jordan and Jaret’s two young sisters Melissa and Haylee left town headed for an hour outside of Salt Lake City. The RV will take the estimated 16 hours drive time through the Arizona route in order to avoid the Mountain passes since they will be toting a huge trailer full of Bikes and parts and equipment behind them.

The third round of this 5 round Road America series is in Salt Lake City at Miller Motorsports Park and Jaret is confident he will be able to advance even father up the leader board this weekend.

This street style of moto racing we have all seen before in some highlight clip showing how these guys lay that bike of on its side until their knees skim the asphalt. They can top out at near 140 MPH and take those gasping corners at upwards of 80 MPH.

Congratulations Jaret on turning Pro. I’ve learned that there are 3 levels above expert level. However, all 3 of those are international in scope and over seas hosted races.

So, in two short years Jaret is part of a group of boys that constitute the 35 best moto street racers in the Nation.

This coming senior class of ‘16 already boasts a State Champion wrestler, State Champion swimmers, multiple state qualifiers in multiple sports including Altus school rushing record holder and now add in a professional motorcycle street racer. Expectations continue to rise for the class of 2016.


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