Shooter on downtown rooftop

An armed Sheriff’s deputy is shown on the downtown square looking toward The Towers apartment building this morning. A man with a gun was said to have been shooting from the rooftop of the building.

Reports of a shooter on the roof top of The Towers apartment building in downtown Altus came in to local authorities this morning. Police Chief Tim Murphy said that they only have a vague description of the man, and no suspect has been apprehended.

“One witness said they saw a man on the rooftop,” said Murphy. “Another witness said they heard several gunshots, and we did find several used shell casings, all of the same caliber on the roof.” Murphy added that the casings were consistent with the just one gun.

Murphy said that after law law enforcement officials cleared the roof of the apartment building, they searched door-to-door, and floor-by-floor of the building looking for the suspect.

Murphy said that no injures were reported with the incident, and no property has been reported or found.

Murphy did confirm that a person of interest was arrested at the nearby courthouse, but he did not feel that this person was related to the shooting at The Towers.

The Towers apartment building is located on the northeast corner of Main and Commerce.

If you have any information about this incident, call Altus Police, or Crime Stoppers at 482-TIPS.

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