Time to Celebrate

Ryon Tennant is excited about all of the different fireworks available at local stands. Readers are reminded that is illegal to set of personal fireworks within the city limits of Altus. See fireworks safety tips below.

Altus Fire Marshal Kyle Davis wants to remind the citizens of Altus that it is illegal for individuals to shoot fireworks in the city limits of Altus. There is no area in the city that is approved for the use of personal fireworks.

The City of Altus and Altus Chamber of Commerce however will be sponsoring a public fireworks display on Saturday, July 4. The show will begin at dusk with the fireworks being set off at the Altus City Reservoir. Although the roads leading into the reservoir will be closed off to the general public for the event, there will be some vendors in the parks and areas around the reservoir offering such items as light-up toys, shaved ice and soft drinks.

Other towns and communities in the area will also be having July 4th celebrations. They include Elk City, Granite, Reed, Sentinel, Eldorado, Willow and Tipton.

For those looking to set of fireworks of their outside the city limits of Altus, Davis reminds our readers that, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 10,500 injuries last year caused by fireworks in the United States. There were also 11 deaths related to fireworks, and seven of those were from direct impact with the product.


Obey all laws regarding fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before lighting; a responsible adult should supervise all firework activities; never give fireworks to children; alcohol and fireworks do not mix; wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks; light one at a time and move away quickly; use fireworks in a clear area, away from buildings and vehicles; never re-light “dud” fireworks – let them stand for at least 20 minutes and then soak them in a bucket of water; always have a bucket of water or water hose nearby; never carry fireworks in your pocket; dispose of spent fireworks by wetting them down and then placing them in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials until the next day; remember that even sparklers can reach temperatures of over 2,000 degrees.

Stay safe and enjoy a happy July 4th.

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